How to Invest in Real Estate | Basics of Real Estate Investing

I wanted to, as concisely as possible, summarize an overview of real estate investing as I have internalized it so far.

In general, a lot of real estate is not particularly complicated – just difficult. It’s not rockets science, but it takes persistence and creativity to achieve success. The usual economic principles apply – buy low, sell high, minimize your risks and expenses.


There are some unique benefits that come with investing in real estate, that differ from other entrepreneurial ventures, like starting a business. The biggest of these is the concept of leverage, where a bank will hand you a lot of money to invest in your “venture” just because they believe the tangibility of real estate protects them from risk.

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Baltimore Neighborhood Maps

This map was presented at a Dominion Mentoring meetup, and they are worth their weight in gold.

Neighborhood Map

This one identifies each block in Baltimore city by its quality – better neighborhoods are ranked higher and distressed neighborhoods are lower down. You thus have an instant picture of the quality of the property you are assessing.

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